Geometric Carrara, 3D wall design

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17 January 2018
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Geometric Carrara, 3D wall design

Geometric carrara bagno

The project Geometric Carrara, between classicism and modernity, is a perfect example to show the potentiality of natural stone, which becomes three-dimensional, thanks to advanced technologies.
A play of shadows and lights gives a visual movement to the wall and the final result is a unique ensuite bathroom.
Our aim was to experiment, thanks to the advanced technologies, a new way to work the stone, follow the functionality, the creativity and the design.

The material: resistance and beauty, the Bianco Carrara

Bianko Atelier had an active part in the material selection for the project.
Andrea Vianello, the founder, has selected a marble strong enough for this processing but suitable also for the concept.
White colour with very thin grey veins, the choice of Bianco Carrara is perfect to enhance the play of lights and shadows of the 3D processing.

The processing: advanced technologies and artisan skills

For the realization of the project Geometric Carrara, CNC machineries have been used; it means advanced technologies which are able to process high-end works with precision and less waste of time.

Anyway, the artisans’ skill is essential.  After a first processing with machineries, the slabs, in size 290×190 cm and thickness 3 cm, have been finished with the hands of our artisans partners.

Geometric carrara

Geometric Carrara produzione

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