The inlay: a decorative technique with precious materials

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The inlay: a decorative technique with precious materials

Intarsio onice e legno

Particolare di intarsio con onice pregiato su base in rovere naturale

The inlay is a very ancient decorative technique. Its origins go back to 350 a.C. in Asia Minor and this decoration used to put together small pieces of wood and other materials, like stone, marble or mother-of-pearl.  Its beauty and peculiarity is given thanks this combination of different materials.
It used to be associated to a classic and high level style, but this decoration is also perfect for a modern style, in line with the interior design trend.


The floreal pattern is a current trend in interior design and it’s perfect on wallpaper, wall tissue, fabrics and furniture.

On the floors, the floreal pattern becomes even more precious and unique.
The advanced technologies, such as waterjet machineries, are able to create detailed inlay working marble and other materials.

Marble inlay processing

Processing of a Bianco Carrara and Bardiglio inlay

Floor with marble inlay

Floor with marble inlay


The Inlay is also a combination of different materials, able to create a masterpiece.
The warm nuance of natural oak wood matches up with a precious onyx, a metal, a stone or a marble.
This contrast gives an elegant and classy connotation, both for big surfaces, like floors or walls, and for a unique detail, such as an old piece of furniture in wood or small tables.

Brass pieces

Brass pieces to insert in wood using inlay technique

Inlay with brass and wood

Example of inlay realized with precious materials





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