Christmas trends in interior design

Bianko Atelier, evento di Natale
BIANKO Natale Photo Shooting
12 December 2017
Parquet a spina
Parquet: always a fashion trend
17 January 2018

Christmas trends in interior design

Interior Design and Christmas: a perfect combination to create atmosphere and colour.
Streets, shops, offices and houses are decorated with coloured lights and ornaments.
This is the right occasion to modify your interiors with new colours and new decorative elements to create a charming atmosphere.
White, the symbol of the winter, snow, pureness, is one of the most loved colour for the interiors, as regards pieces of furniture or other details.

Bianko Atelier, ballerina

White coloured wood

White coloured wood


The metallic materials, such as gold, bronze and brass have a lot of success in the Christmas trends 2017. These elements, also used in small details, give a precious and classy look to a living.

Albero di natale con bambino

Bronze coloured leather

Bronze coloured leather


Even more natural elements become a part of the interiors… for example wood, cork or felt. Your house will have a Nordic atmosphere, contemporary and fashionable.
Why do not be original, hanging decorations made of natural stone and marble on your Christmas tree?
The result will amaze you!

Albero di natale con addobbi in pietra

Stone effect wallpaper

Stone effect wallpaper


If I say Christmas, I mean also red and green. They are the iconic Christmas colours, an evergreen trend together with the tartan pattern and Scottish fabrics.
Decorate your interiors with details and fabrics with this special patterns: your home will be a charming place.

Bianko-Atelier, bambina Natale

Travertino rosso

Red Travertine


If you desire a modern style, you cannot do without silver elements in combination with white, blue and light blue colours. These cold shades won’t soften the Christmas atmosphere.
Which is the secret? White decorations such as flowers and crystal snowflakes. The blue and light blue will give a more intense shade and a more charm to your interiors.
Bianko Atelier has chosen this combination of nuance to decorate the showroom for Christmas time.

Albero di natale, Bianko Atelier

Sodalite blu

Blue Sodalite

Bianko Atelier, logo

Special thanks for the photos:

Alberto Saltini

Athena Marmi




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