The leather, a velvet effect

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8 March 2018
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23 April 2018

The leather, a velvet effect

Many elements come into play at the time of material selection.
Aesthetic, intended purpose, interior design style, maintenance and comfort, just to quote a few of them.
Stone or porcelain coverings, drywall or wood are the most used types of cladding, but maybe not all of you know the new trend in this field: the leather.
The leather, most used in the interiors to cover sofas and couches, has become today an original product to customize walls and other surfaces. Thanks to its peculiarity, the leather offers good aesthetic and resistant performance and this feature has made it ideal for luxury hotel, private villas, showroom, and yacht sector.

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The leather is applied on a rigid base, for example a porcelain tile, and it is laid such as a normal tile.
This material is quite resistant to abrasion and the maintenance is very easy.

If the tonality of surface must be restored, , we provide for a cleaning kit.


Whether if you decide for a smooth, a decorated leather, or for both of them, the final result is a velvet and “live” surface, cause the beauty of this material is its natural colour-shading and the tactile visual effect.
The leather tiles are perfect for a living room or a bedroom, where you can feel barefoot the smoothness of this surface.
The leather covering has a classy charm, in line with the new trend of interior design. It is suitable both for a classic and a modern style, and it matches perfectly to other materials, like marble and resin.
This interiors surface is perfect also for a wall cladding, for example a living or a bedroom wall, together with modern or elegant furniture.

Camera da letto con rivestimento in pelle

Leather wall and marble floor

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Leather tiles and resin for wall, leather floor



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