Kitchen Design Project

Bagno Padronale marmo Calacatta
Bathroom Design Project
23 April 2018
Villa in Vicenza
10 July 2018

Kitchen Design Project

Cucina con top in Calacatta


The project turns around the real star of the location: a kitchen top in white marble with dark veins.
The central isle dominates the space thanks to the precious marble. From here the importance to keep a monochromatic design for the whole kitchen, that means modern open pore lacquered doors made of a beautiful dark oak wood.
Also the choice of floor has been long analysed: an old oak in a chevron pattern to give a timeless elegance.

Concept cucina

Pianta cucina


The client asked for two precious and natural surfaces. That gives a glamorous contrast both for colour (dark wood and white marble) and for visual movement. The client’s requirement was to have a functional space, that would suit to his idea of kitchen, as a classy and clean location.


The choice of material to use for working top should comply with the required aesthetic canon and functional characteristics of this location.
The marble Bianco Calacatta, used in this project, encloses these both visual and technical characteristics, and that’s why we chose it.
The final result is a minimal space, where the veins of marble and wood give a visual movement to whole area.

Materiali cucina

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